Base rails
The square tubing along the base and sides of the building onto which the legs are attached.

The bow is a single piece of square tubing bent to shape to make the roof of the building.

Concrete Anchors
Sometimes referred to as concrete wedge anchors. Concrete anchors used in building installations on concrete in place of the rebar, to secure the building to the surface.

Corner Braces (Leg Braces)
Corner braces are U-shape steel channels that are used to help reinforce the structure of the building.  On all of our buildings, four 2 feet long leg braces come standard and they are installed on each corner of the building. Additional corner braces are available at an additional cost. We recommend the use of 2 feet long corner braces on each building leg (2 per bow). For buildings with legs that are taller than 8 feet, we recommend that customers upgrade to 4 feet long corner braces on each corner and we also recommend that they be installed on each leg of the building (2 per bow).

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