Gable Ends
A steel panel, usually installed with horizontally-mounted panels, with the same curve as the bow of the building. They can be installed on either end of the building and they extend from the 3 inched below the top of the legs, upward. Gable ends can be installed vertically at an additional cost.

Garage Door
Our garage doors are the roll-up type. As the door is raised, they roll into a cylinder or barrel shape above the door opening. We offer a variety of sizes up to 10' x 10'. Please note there are no windows in our garage doors and they are only available in white.

Hat Channel
Sometimes referred to as perlins, hat channel is used on carports and garages with vertical roof systems and is used to support the panels on those systems.

Headers are placed at the top of the door frame when a door opening is requested, whether it is an opening with or without a door (walk-in or garage) is installed.

J-trim is used as trim underneath extra paneling on the sides of carports (optional), around walk-in doors, garage doors, and windows to provide a finished appearance. We offer 13 different colors.

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