Q:  What size should I pour my concrete slab?
A:  First, we will discuss the dimension of your carport or garage. Our dimensions are Length x Width x Height and they are for the roof/canopy only. The base of the carport or garage is always 1 foot shorter that the roof/canopy length. For example, a building that is 20'W x 31'L has a base dimension of 20'W x 30'L.

For your concrete slab, we recommend pouring the slab the exact width and length of your building, unless you live in Florida. If you live in Florida, we recommend pouring the slab 3/4" wider than the exact dimension of the base and the exact length of the base.

In all state except Florida, for a 20'W x 31': building, the building base is 20'W x 30'L. The slab should be 20'W x 30'L

In Florida, the slab should be 20' 3/4"W x 30'L..

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